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Kamin Lertchaiprasert
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I believe ‘art’ is the process to learn and understand nature. Uniqueness is one of the qualities of ‘good work of art’. We can find this quality in every of ourselves, while all of us have face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, finger-print or DNA, we have never have the same face, eyes, ears, nose, finger-print or DNA. Even in an identical twin, they will never look like a clone. In the similarity, there are always differences. Human being is the best example of a ‘good work of art’.

Freedom of expression is another one of the quality to be a ‘good work of art’. All of us used to have it while we were young, as a child, we fear or worry for nothing; death, hunger, shame, guilt, be smart, be stupid etc. Unfortunately, education and socialization took that freedom away. The more we learn about social values, ethics, social norms, cultural beliefs, and all disciplines, the less freedom remains.

To take back human being’s creativities and freedom of expression is my ultimate purpose. How to bring back the confidence in our own creativities while being able to pay the respect to others? I strongly believe every single person has his/her own way to express their creativities, and unconsciously display them in their everyday life. Therefore all of us are artists who are part and parcel of creating a future society.

Let both good and bad sides go
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